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About my practice

What do I treat?

Short Answer: I treat your Qi.  Your Qi heals you. 

Long Answer: Unblock, Regulate Flow, Strengthen, Disperse, Warm, Cool... These are the basic principles behind Acupuncture. With these principles the application of Acupuncture restores balance and flow of the energies in your body, and your body does the healing for itself. Thus the applications of Acupuncture runs far and wide as it belongs to a full system of medicine. This is why you may hear claims that Acupuncture can address so many different ailments! "There's Acupuncture for that!" :) 

Explanation: Acupuncture is much more than just a treatment for pain and injury. Acupuncture is a part of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Acupuncture treatments are truly holistic and have vast Internal Health applications and benefits.  The purpose is to restore balance of Qi (energy) flow within the body, which affects our entire being. TCM practitioners diagnose by understanding the nature of symptoms in pain, digestion, sleep, etc as one collaborative understanding. So rather than treating specific symptoms we are treating the Qi which, when directed properly, helps the body heal itself. 

My brilliant teachers Edward Obaidey and John Blazevic explain that we don't specialize in diseases in TCM because the essence of TCM is holism.
"In Acupuncture and TCM, we help people become healthier.  As a result, the person recovers." ~ John Blazevic

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on over three thousand years of observation and practical experience. With this system we know that our injuries, physical pain, and discomforts are inter-related with underlying emotional imbalances. Illness can be a vicious cycle , with one symptom aggravating the other. Signs and symptoms tend to be precursors to health crisis which may be avoided when treated.
In TCM we consider the patient as a whole, where symptoms are related to one another.  Our goal is to help your body achieve balance from within, which then leads to the resolution of your symptoms. 

We are not only dealing with branch symptoms but are looking deeper to treat the root of the problem. For example, neck and shoulder pain is often due to an internal Qi block in the Liver and Gallbladder system due to stress. (say what?! true :) Essentially, by releasing the stagnated Qi we not only resolve the pain but we also help you feel less stressed and better able to cope with life's challenges. 

"Where there is pain, there is no circulation. Where there is circulation, there is no pain" ~ fundamental and classical TCM quote

As a practitioner of TCM I use Acupuncture , Acupressure, Tui Na (TCM Massage), Cupping, and Moxibustion to help you regain and/or maintain balance & circulation

My treatments offer you a non-pharmaceutical option to address your mental and physical health

You and I will work together to build your health, remove blockages, restore, and maintain balance. Our mission will be to help you achieve physical as well as emotional health. Certainly, if you come to me for a sore ankle, your ankle will be the center of the treatment. However, I will be treating you as a whole with the goal of your unique complete picture of health in mind.

I consider Acupuncture treatment piece of the Complete Healthcare Puzzle. My career is dedicated to helping create the most supreme health care system where we recognize the strengths of each discipline. For example, while Modern Medicine is 'The Go To' for primary and emergency medical care, Acupuncture is an invaluable part of prevention and rehabilitation care. Essentially, I like to treat the ailments that the medical system doesn't know what to do with and fill the gaps missing from our current care model. If you are ongoing medical care I prefer to be in contact with your MD to ensure that we are working as your health team.  Whenever I sense that there is something deeper or beyond my scope going on I will always consider another avenue that may assist you further and/or ask you to visit your MD for further investigation, while at the same time doing my best to help you resolve the imbalance.

Some of my favorite health goals to help with include:

Restoring Emotional Health

Relieving Pain

Oncology Care Support

Improving Digestive and Bowel Health 

Increase Overall Vitality

Boost Energy & Immunity 

Regain Quality of Life

Clear Sinus Congestion and Breathing Restrictions

What are my qualifications? 

CTCMA Certified & Registered Acupuncturist since 2008

Graduate of ICTCM Four Year Traditional Chinese Medicine Program

Graduate of Langara College Human Kinetics Diploma

Health Sciences at York University

 *One of my main attractions to this field was, and is, that there will always be more to learn. I on go further studies and readings to deepen my knowledge, execution and understanding of my work. Above is a list of my formal Certifying Education.

Do I prescribe TCM Herbs? 

I do not. TCM Herbal Medicine is an incredible and powerful method of treatment which requires a very thorough dedication to study. I hope one day to announce my readiness to help you in this form as well. For now, my focus, passion and comfort is in helping you restore health by restoring your energy flows . If you need TCM herbs, I do know a handful of incredibly talented TCM Herbalists who devote their practice to Herbs and will be happy to point you in their direction :)

Other Questions?

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions. I look forward to meeting you and to aiding you in your journey of health.



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